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IG Infrared


By networking the European infrared heating manufacturers, we are able to provide interested parties with objective and well-founded information, thus establishing and consolidating infrared heating in the market.

In addition, we are working on a common position in order to be perceived as an interest group in politics and to be able to influence the framework conditions.


Heating with infrared is standard in buildings. Electricity is preferably used from renewable sources.

In the course of the energy transition, energy generation and distribution as well as heat dissipation in the building are an integral part of holistic building concepts.

Through intensive press and public relations work, IG Infrarot is the information hub of the industry.

Tasks & Goals

We want

  • - Educate and advise on the subject of infrared heating
  • - Develop application and design guidelines
  • - Set and monitor quality standards for members
  • - Accompanying standardization processes
  • - Support research and cooperate with experts
  • - Collaborate with adjacent industries such as solar power
  • - Develop holistic building concepts
  • - Be a platform for end customers, architects and planners
  • - Be the contact person for media, offices and politics

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