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Infrared side room heater and robust stable heater


Practical heating solution for many uses

Whether with the piglets as Piglet nest heater, in the horse stable as Horse stable heating or also in animal parks for all those animals that do not like it so cold in winter. The Infrared heating NRH from WMT is the ideal model for robust requirements.

No more broken glass like before.

The Infrared heating for the Stable is built very robustly here. The NRH can also be easily connected to the Pressure washer cleaned are protected by the IP67 class protection.

With a individual control can be addressed to the needs of individual claims. It can also Several heating elements combined with each other become. Efficient control also ensures that Energy costs saved.

Contact us, we gladly plan your individual heating solution, for an optimal heating load.

Your advantages

Efficient - Innovative infrared technology with low connection values and yet high radiation percentage for efficient heating of walls and objects, individually controllable

Robust - ideal for demanding applications, easy to clean, durable

Practical - a very reliable product, can also be used mobile


Powder coated in anthracite, metal tray, solid construction for many years of reliable use, with thermal breakers for energy-saving heating.

Wall and ceiling mounting possible. (Portrait or landscape format)

Quality from Austria


Click to view the Reference video to view the animal stable heating in the Schmiding Zoo.

At Schmiding zoo in Krengelbach in Upper Austria, the small dik-diks (dwarf antelope from the subtropics) now no longer freeze, but have it nice Comfortably warm in their stable.

The stable was built there with robust WMT Infrared heating panels NRH equipped.

You are welcome to use the Schmiding Zoo visit and look at the dik-diks, if they want to leave the warm stable.

If you would like to know more specific references, please feel free to contact with us and we will send you the respective References to.

Product selection
Artikel Größe (cm) Leistung
45,8 x 100
~ 475 W

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