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Mobile heating panels and desk heating

Mobile infrared heater and desk heater from WMT

Portable infrared panels for flexible use wherever additional heat is desired. Especially for desks we offer special versions of desk heaters or workplace heaters.

These can be mounted directly under the desk (STH-Office - also available with optional feet) or built into an existing desk screen (STH-Screen).

Your advantages

Effective and beneficial

Economical due to optimum heat radiation

Healthy indoor climate - ideal for allergy sufferers

Pleasant silence - no fan noise

Simple connection via socket at 230 V~.

Heating panels can be switched on and off via remote control or controller

STH desk heating screen

This infrared desk heater can be easily installed into the existing viewing panel of common desk models.

The dimensions are 66 x 40 cm with a power of about 200 watts.

Thus, the standard office temperature can be lowered, but at each workplace individually it remains nice and warm. Just as each employee would like to set it himself. Ladies tend to like it a little warmer than their male office colleagues.

Do you currently also have a project in the office regarding energy-saving heating? Then contact us, we will find the right solution for you.

At the AGRU company in Bad Hall, a great many workplaces have already been equipped with infrared heaters.

Likewise at the Fronius company in Sattledt, many workplaces were equipped with infrared heaters from WMT.

SHT OFFICE - Mobile and mounted at the same time

The infrared desk heater SHT OFFICE can either be set up with feet or mounted on the underside of the desk.

Very individually applicable. Practical with countdown timer. Simply plug in and then set whether the infrared heater should run 1/2h, 1h, 3h or 6h. After that, it simply turns off again.

Dimensions 71 x 37.5cm and 210 watts

Infrared carpet heating

WMT infrared carpet heating can be installed under any fireproof carpet. Thus, you can design your workplace very individually.

Standard dimension is 120 x 60cm with 160 Watt connected load.

Other dimensions on request.

We would be very happy to plan your individual office situation with you.

Whether it's a WDP with magnetic function and whiteboard function, or a desk heater in the viewing panel, or carpet heaters,... We'll be happy to create a cozy warm solution that will reduce your energy costs, but at the same time won't let your employees freeze. 

Download WMT Infrarot Schreibtischheizung Produktfolder

Die Infrarot Sitzbankheizung kann einfach unter bestehende Bänke montiert werden. Es gibt diese in unterschiedlichen Längen siehe Preisliste.

Product selection
Artikel Größe (cm) Leistung
62 x 62
~ 300 W
71 x 37,5
~ 210 W
66 x 40
~ 200W
iDP360 with stand
60 x 60
~ 360W