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Wall drying after local water damage

Through the use of infrared DryPanel®, the renovation of local water damage not only greatly simplified, but also an absolute comfort gain for the customer concerned. The DryPanel® is by means of plinth or wall mounting mounted directly in the area of the affected wall surface. Silent now the masonry heated by means of infrared C radiation and the moisture is released into the room air on the side that is open to diffusion. In closed rooms, saturation of the room air is prevented by regular cross-ventilation or with the help of a condensation dryer. Through the small space requirement, no need for a closed air space as well as noiseless operation, the use of space during the Use of infrared DryPanel® hardly restricted.


If a partition wall is not diffusion-open on both sides, the infrared DryPanel® attached to the diffusion-proof side of the wall surface. Through the physical properties described in the product information section. Pressure effect becomes the Humidity then to the opposite (diffusion-open) Wall surface to the room air submitted. With masonry that is open to diffusion on both sides (25cm vertically perforated brick) the average Drying time 8-10 days.


At the Drying exterior walls care must be taken to ensure that, provided the outside is diffusion-tight and must not be damaged, in any case a clocked operation should be selectedto avoid displacement of moisture into deeper layers of the wall (exact switching cycles depending on application & empirical values). The switch-off cycles should be selected in such a way that the displaced moisture can balance itself out again during this time and thus be dried off by the brine effect. ATTENTION: Significantly longer drying cycles are to be expected with this application!

Drying door and window reveals
The DryPanel BT200 and DRYPANEL BT300 models are optimal for use in narrow niches and window and door reveals suitable. In this way, potential problem areas can be specially treated from day one in the course of an overall refurbishment, thus sustainably shortening the refurbishment cycles.

Insulation drying - addition in the plinth area
For insulation drying by the compressed air method enters the blown in Compressed air in the plinth area between the screed and the brickwork off again. The energy stored in the outgoing air Moisture becomes so in the base area of the masonry brought to. A simple solution offers here the BT200 in the base mounting - due to the low connected load, up to 15 devices can easily be connected to a 16A circuit and positioned around the room in the base area. Local heating of the masonry prevents water ingress and greatly reduces the overall drying time.

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