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Church heating systems

The repair of churches, sacristies as well as other premises is becoming increasingly important in order to Protect building fabric, frescoes, paintings, altars.

Heating for churches with infrared technology.

Our Know-How for the solution of various requirements in churches and monasteries reaches into the late 1990s back.

Whether Pew heater, floor heater, wall heater or space heater ...., also we offer carpets with integrated heating technology for your heat zones. 

Important for this is a suitable Heat concept for the church to preserve the fabric of the building, but to make it pleasantly warm for churchgoers.

With matching Control concepts this can be ideally adapted for easy operation for the highest possible comfort.

Feel free to test this in one of our Reference churches.

We will gladly send you the Contact details for reference near you to


tested products

Seals of quality testify to the highest quality, standard-compliant processing and safety standards of our products.


Our, produced from high quality and durable materials infrared heaters promise "for life" pleasant warmth.


Through simple and targeted control, our infrared heaters work particularly efficiently and almost without losses. Ideal heating for churches.

Church project references

At Church renovation project in Amras was measured and documented a lot in advance, so that one could be prepared for the new heating system could decide.

After installing the Pew heating and the Wall heating was further measured and the results were convincing. Comfortable warmth with the same energy costs.

The church in Amras has 35m² (ca.9kW) infrared wall heating for temperature control of the building envelope and 60 linear meters of infrared bench heating (approx. 16.5kW) installed.

That is approx. 120 warm seats for church visitors.

Energy-saving heating for churches. Watch the video about the project yourself.

There will be a individual concept with Thermal imaging camera created.

The Needs are collected and then jointly a Heat concept created.

Also the Energy consumption is made in advance Calculated.


The Church Hall in Tyrol , parish Hall St. Nicholas was renovated and extended by an individually planned WMT Infrared Church Heating supplemented.

In the nave were installed about 220 running meters pew heating installed with a connected load of about 60kW, for comfortably warm seats with bench heating.

But also the altar servers and parish priests must be present in the Altar area not freeze. There were Floor heating elements obstructed.

Also in the Vestry and on the Empore were Heating elements attached.

All total is controllableso that the power consumption is low, but the comfort is high. All this with very infrared radiation that is gentle on the building fabric.

Energy saving heating for church.

You are welcome to attend a mass in the church of Hall in Tirol.

Do you currently have a church renovation project as well?

Then contact us and we will plan your solution together.

Roman-Catholic. Parish of Maria Assumption in Serfaus.

The Church in Serfaus was achieved with approx. 70 running meters infrared pew heating equipped.

This was programmed with the Worship pagen, so that the Pew heating preheated for the visitors of the fair and at the same time energy saving is used.

To this economical heating concept also comes a Wall concealed heating and a Underfloor heating in the altar area to this.

In addition, among the Carpets also heaters relocated.

You are welcome to attend a church service in Serfaus.

In the Parish church in Zams in Tyrol, the heating system was renewed and converted to a Infrared heater from WMT converted.

During the training was filmed and Mr. Ruetz then still explained the process of the project.

If you would like to try it out, you are welcome to visit a show in Zams.

Click here for the service times.

It was planned individually.

For the Chancel were mobile infrared panels, bench heaters, partial storage heaters and heating carpets installed. This with a total connected load of approx. 6.5 kW.

At Nave were around 160 running meters pew heating installed. This with a connected load of approx. 45kW.

For the Gallery were then still Pew heaters and heating carpets laid. With approx. 3 kW.

Diocese of Passau - Cathedral of St. Stephen in Passau.

In the many years of renovation work, also the old heating elements to modern energy-saving infrared pew heaters from WMT.

These were shapely into the historical buildings built in.

There were around 260 running meters infrared pew heaters with a Connected load From around 65kW installed. These are around 500 warm seats with bench heating.

The Control for energy-saving heating operation was built into the existing optics of the existing control system.

Energy saving heating for church.

You are also welcome to enjoy a mass in the cathedral in Passau.


Parish Wilten - Basilica Wilten near Innsbruck

In the Abbey parish Wilten the heating was renewed around 190 linear meters of modern infrared bench heating with a connected load of around 47kW was installed.

Great advantage to the old heater: none Burning the legs more for the church visitors and less energy costs for all.

Now are around 300 warm seats available in the church, with infrared bench heating.

These are optimally controlled and can be controlled by means of a modern touch control can be operated. (See picture)


The project was developed jointly with the Electrical partner company Kirchler in Tyrol processed.


You are also welcome to enjoy a mass in the Wilten Basilica.

Do you currently have a church renovation project as well?

Then contact us and we will plan your solution together.

At the Church Zirl in Tyrol both the church and the chapel were renovated.

Especially the chapel had to be completely renovated. It was the Masonry laid dry and a Infrared wall tempering installed. (See photo Before - After)

In the main church were installed about 150lfm Infrared bench heater installed with about 40kW connected load.

In the altar area was installed a Infrared floor heating installed.

You are also welcome to try it out in Zirl at a trade show.

Feel free to contact us and let's plan your project together. With high quality infrared solutions.

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