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Infrared cabin technology

WMT Infrared area heater

achieve a holistic positive effect on the human body and provide individual well-being. Enjoy pleasant IR radiant heat from high-quality IR panel heaters at the touch of a button. You can conveniently select your individual feel-good temperature via the display operating module.

The positive effects of infrared heat are undisputed:

- Gentle body warming in a natural way (like solar heat)

- Increase of blood circulation and metabolism (gentle training effect)

- Increased excretion of toxins - "purification".

- Improved general condition due to solution of Muscle tension

- Stress reduction

- Stimulation of circulation and immune system

- Increase of the own well-being

WMT Surface radiator emit uniformly soothing infrared C radiation and are also ideally suited for children. With WMT you rely on tested quality from Austria - certified by Seibersdorf Research Center and TÜV Vienna. Enjoy your personal wellness oasis with infrared flat panel technology from WMT!

Infrared sauna upgrade kits

Upgrade your wellness area and add high-quality infrared panel heaters to your sauna quickly and easily. WMT offers an attractive retrofit set incl. control unit, which guarantees pleasurable effects for body, mind and soul.

The supplied control unit can be installed invisibly under the bench, or in the outer area of the cabin. Of course, you can still operate your sauna with the sauna heater after upgrading with infrared panel heaters as before - our products were specially developed for this requirement.

The dimensionally accurate production of the infrared panels guarantees a technically and visually optimal solution even for retrofitting. Assembly and commissioning can be carried out easily and quickly.

For more information on the planning and technical implementation of private and commercial solutions, please contact our consulting team.