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Infrared high temperature emitter


Noticeably more warmth outdoors

Infrared radiant heat in the high temperature range has the unique and immediately noticeable advantage that not the air but directly the body is heated. Without preheating, you can thus enjoy the pleasant infrared heat immediately after switching on, even at low ambient temperatures. The Infrared PRO 2000 also plays all the registers in terms of economy: 92 % of the energy used is specifically converted into heat radiation. And with a service life of at least 5,000 hours, you are guaranteed soothing warmth for a long time.

Infrared radiator

specially developed for outdoor use

- IP65 water jet protected

- Particularly robust against weather influences

- 2000 watt halogen tube for maximum thermal comfort and energy efficiency

- Heatable area: up to 16 m2 per radiator

Artikel Größe (cm) Leistung Farbe Gewicht
51.6 x 17.6 x 11
2000 W
3,38 kg
51.6 x 17.6 x 11
2000 W
Nano anthracite
3,38 kg