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Heat Man Technology

Infrared image WMT heating y panel

WMT - Your partner from Austria

As Producer from energy saving Heat and heating technology WMT develops innovative and economical infrared panels for the private and public sector. With our Heat panels we create a climate for absolute well-being.

In doing so, we set new standards with our Infrared panels new standards. With state-of-the-art flat panel technology, we use the principle of natural radiant heat optimal for highest energy efficiency. For the production of our proven infrared heat panels we rely on long-term partners.

In this way, our customers can redefine their wishes on the subject of heat and individual solutions develop with us.

Warmth where warmth does good

Especially in the bathroom or in the office comforting warmth does good.

Whether as Auxiliary heater or as Main heating can be discussed individually with pleasure.

With practical controls can also ideally combine the infrared heating with a Photovoltaic system combined be

As an auxiliary heater, the room temperature can be lowered by default and only on demand when the room is used with the Infrared heating can be added to the heating. This can save a lot of energy.

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On the photo you can see 3 x the Y Panel with 300 watts of power each.

Bath: 3 x Y-panel, 300W each

Creating islands of warmth in churches

Especially in churches it is important that Heat islands can arise and the entire church does not have to be heated up.

This is essential substance-friendly of the old walls, while at the same time High comfort for the visitors.

WMT has already been able to handle a great many projects. You are also welcome to visit trade fairs in the WMT heated churches visit

EX.: Basilka Wilten (see photo), Passau Cathedral, Basilica Mondsee, Church Hall in Tirol,...

More info here

Drying wet walls in an energy-saving way

WMT develops and sells energy saving infrared building dryer. For many years, the construction dryers are continuously improved with a lot of knowledge from practice.

Through the High quality infrared technology a very uniform drying result is ensured. This is also very gentle on the substance at the same time.

What models and designs are available from the WMT DryPanels you can find in our webshop.

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New construction company building

The decision for WMT infrared heating in our new company building was made quickly due to the convincing references. The cost/benefit advantages speak for themselves and the heat is really pleasant. Both our employees in the office and the employees on the construction sites look forward to their premises with infrared heat.

Günter Schäfer
Schäfer Excavations Ltd.

Apartment South Styria

WMT infrared heating y panel

We are absolutely thrilled with the pleasant warmth in our apartment - thank you for the super advice!

Kerstin & Manuel H.


The construction dryers from WMT simply work sensationally!

Reliable, robust, energy-saving and durable. A great working tool.

Gerhard S. from Vorarlberg


WMT Infrared heating WDP with image printing Posthotel strict

Had problems heating our rooms with the central heating. Especially with the corner rooms. Here in all now a beautiful WDP with its own picture was hung. The guests can now easily control the temperature themselves. Beautiful and efficient at the same time.

Posthotel Strengen am Arlberg

Business premises Vienna

WMT Infrared heating y panel

With WMT infrared heating in our business premises, we not only save on operating costs but also enjoy the great indoor climate.

Martina H from Vienna

Apartment in Linz

We have already equipped our apartment with infrared panels from WMT in 2009 and learned to appreciate the pleasant warmth with low consumption values. That is why we decided again for the infrared heating of WMT after our move to a new apartment. We can highly recommend the competent advice and smooth handling of WMT.

Family L. from Linz


I was looking for a long time, for a robust infrared piglet nest heater that does not break easily. With the product from WMT I have found it. It is practical to mount and can be attached to all common barn controls.

Farmer in Upper Austria