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CALADIA Infrared Storage Heater



This heating system stands out due to the patented technology with the newly developed and extremely powerful heat storage "Magma". Continuous heat delivery to the room ensures efficient heating even in combination with photovoltaics, interruptible power tariffs and energy management systems.

In case of higher heat demand, the storage heater automatically switches to recharge mode and back to energy-saving mode after reaching the target temperature, thus ensuring consistent comfort. The stylish Caladia infrared storage heaters convince with high heat storage power and long-lasting radiant heat.

Your advantages

Powerful - the efficient storage core provides lasting warmth

Unique - Patented IR technology with the right design for energy-saving storage heaters!

Diverse - Convinces in various applications, especially in large, old rooms and as a replacement for night storage heaters!


White textured surface

Individual design in any RAL color possible

Download WMT Infrarot Heiztechnik Produktkatalog.

Product selection
Artikel Größe (cm) Leistung
120 x 50
~ 1200 W
150 x 50
~ 1500 W
180 x 50
~ 1800 W
150 x 30
~ 1000 W

Referenzprojekt Umrüstung Nachtspeicheröfen Hall in Tirol

Das Bauamt bzw. die technische Gebäudeverwaltung in Hall in Tirol wurde renoviert. Dabei wurden die alten Nachtspeicheröfen auf innovative Caladia Infrarot Speicherheizungen getauscht.

Für den Büro und Servicebereich wurden 2 x H6 mit je 1,5 kW Heizleistung verbaut.

Der Vorraum und der Wartebereich werden jeweils mit einem H6 beheizt.

Die Mitarbeiter der 2 Einzelbüros genießen ebenfalls die Infrarotwärme von je einem Caladia H6.

Gerne können Sie das Projekt vor Ort besuchen.

Bauamt Hall in Tirol

Caladia H6 Infrarot Speicherheizung

Reference project in Ebensee - vacation home

In an interview with Gerhard Führer, he introduces us to his renovation project.

00:00 Intro 01:18 Cost breakdown infrared heating -electricity costs comparison oil heating 02:25 Control electricity costs digitally and infrared heating by app 03:24 E-control cabinet, installation &assembly 04:29 Heating room tour 07:26 Smart home control infrared heating 08:29 Why infrared heating from WMT? 10:29 Contact details of the company WMT Thermosysteme GmbH

WMT infrared heating in the vacation home at Gerhard Führer in Ebensee am Traunsee, Upper Austria was converted from oil heating to infrared heating from the company WMT in 2021. Costs, comparison, get out of gas and oil, experience... more in the video.