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Infrared building drying

Infrared DryPanel® from WMT accelerate successfully the Water damage restoration and the Reduction of wall moisture. Through uniform Heating the Building substance by means of infrared radiant heat the Moisture extracted and effectively released into the room air through evaporation.
Areas of application
Infrared DryPanel® are due to the low weight and the flexible mounting options not only ideal for the restoration of small and medium water damage, but also contribute as a system component (e.g. in screed drying) to a more efficient drying process.

Innovative technology for the highest demands
Infrared DryPanel® set new standards regarding Reliability and energy efficiency. Over 50,000 hours in the Continuous load test they guarantee high reliability on site with low assembly effort and without maintenance costs. The innovative flat panel technology convinces with short heating times at low power consumption, since the entire room does not need to be heated. Through the Low connection values it is possible to place several devices in one room without any problems.

The NEW DryPanel Pro is here...

Even more energy savings than already with WMT's standard DryPanels.-90% Energy saving compared to foil tent.Easy to operate. Practical temperature control.

How does it work? The device measures the temperature between the device and the wall. If this is particularly damp, the wall cools very strongly and more energy must be "sent" into the wall. But if this is already drier or already dry, it is not necessary to heat so much.

The DryPanel Pro also gets by with 220 watts of connected power.

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Product selection
Artikel Größe (cm) Leistung Gewicht
70 x 37 x 4,5
~ 210 W
3,1 kg
115 x 32 x 4,5
~ 300 W
4,2 kg
115 x 55 x 4,5
~ 500 W
6,2 kg
DryPanel Pro
105.5 x 50.5 x 4.5
~ 220 W
8 kg