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Infrared wall ceiling panel


Energy efficient heating solution and timeless look

The matt lacquered surfaces are in a high quality Aluminum frame set. Due to the low construction depth of only 18mm in combination with the invisible mounting device, the wall panels literally float on the wall. The radiation-optimized Lightweight construction  also enables problem-free ceiling installations. Due to the flat panel technology used, the heating time is only a few minutes until the intensive and soothing infrared heat radiation becomes noticeable. Infrared heating with beautiful timeless design.

Your advantages

Economical - low operating costs of the wall panels e.g. with a 500 watt module per hour running time only approx. 10 -30 cents electricity costs (depending on own electricity tariff)

Effective - high radiation components guarantee low connection values of the wall panels

Uncomplicated - easy mounting in portrait or landscape format and due to the low weight also on the ceiling, suitable sizes for standard grid ceilings


Pure white with white frame, glass with frame
Individuelle Ausführung der Paneele in jeder RAL-Farbe oder mit individuellem Bildaufdruck möglich.

Download WMT Infrarot Heiztechnik Produktkatalog.

Product selection
Artikel Größe (cm) Leistung
WDP 65 eco+
62 x 62
~ 300 W
WDP 130S eco+
132 x 38
~ 400 W
WDP 113 eco+
113 x 55
~ 500 W
WDP 115 eco+
113 x 62
~ 560 W
WDP 150 eco+
151 x 62
~ 750 W
WDP Plus
151 x 70
~ 1000 W