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Radiant heat

Experience the soothing feeling of pleasant radiant heat. Just like in winter in front of a tiled stove or on a sunny spring day on a cozy sun terrace, WMT infrared radiant heat creates a pleasant oasis of well-being in your home. Thanks to state-of-the-art panel heating technology, WMT sets new standards in terms of well-being and energy efficiency.


WMT infrared panels heat solid objects and bodies directly by infrared radiation and not only the air as in conventional systems. Wall surfaces are heated directly and the stored radiant heat is released evenly and gently into the room air. Heat loss and unpleasant drafts and dust swirls can thus be largely avoided. Infrared radiant heat brings comfort into your life.

Many advantages speak for WMT infrared radiant heat:

High comfort - Heat as a concept for well-being

Economical - benefit from the high efficiency

Healthy indoor climate - optimal for allergy sufferers 

Flexible as life - as a supplement or overall concept

Modern design - flat infrared panels as a style element

Low connected load - thanks to the latest technology

Tested quality from Austria - by TÜV and Seibersdorf Research Center

Principle radiant heating

Principle convection heating