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Infrared general

We encounter infrared radiation (IR radiation) every day in the form of solar radiation. Technically, IR radiation is an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength of 800 nm to 1 mm that propagates in free space. Depending on the wavelength, it is divided into A, B and C radiation. WMT heating panels generate exclusively beneficial radiant heat in the long-wave C range!

In contrast to convective systems, the infrared heating principle does not use the air to transport heat, but instead heats solid objects and bodies directly (same operating principle as a tiled stove). The illuminated objects store the supplied heat and then release it evenly into the room.

Even though infrared heating solutions are still relatively unknown in German-speaking countries, a large number of satisfied customers in other European countries (e.g. France, Scandinavia, etc.) already prove that infrared heating technology is a technology of the future.

Infrared heating panels are ideal for heating entire objects and can be optionally combined with various tiled stove systems.

Compared to the majority of heat pump solutions, the investment costs for complete infrared solutions are significantly lower. In addition, infrared panel heaters offer very flexible control options, even in the transitional period. With heating times of three to four minutes, the annual operating hours of the heating panels and thus also the costs incurred can be reduced to a minimum.

Heat is generated exactly where it is needed! The even temperature distribution in the room not only achieves high energy efficiency with extremely low connection values, but also prevents dust turbulence due to rising hot air. Enjoy a healthy indoor climate to feel good with efficient infrared heating systems.

Quartz radiators produce core temperatures of 300 - 500°C and therefore start to glow red.
The disadvantage here is that the small surface area combined with very high temperatures makes uniform irradiation impossible. In addition, large amounts of energy are required to maintain the high core temperatures. WMT heating panels belong to the product group of economical and healthy dark radiators and therefore do not emit any visible light.

In principle, natural heat radiation is completely harmless. It becomes critical with IR radiation in the short-wave A range. In contrast, infrared radiation in the long-wave C range - as with WMT heating panels - has a proven positive effect on health and well-being.

WMT heating panels

These values were tested at TÜV - WMT panels reach just 2% of the allowed limit for electrical appliances. In other words, this means that the only electro-smog pollution is generated by the cable connection (supply cable), and the panels themselves can be operated electrosmog-free.

Experience values from the heating periods 07/08 to 09/10 have shown that the consumption values are up to 30% below conventional space heating systems (e.g. gas boiler, night storage heater, etc.).

In high-quality infrared heat cabins, surface radiators with a similar design are basically used. There are differences in the maximum surface temperature as well as the design and mounting variants.

Voltage is applied to a special coating a hundredth of a millimeter thick. This creates core temperatures of approx. 85°C over the entire surface, which emits infrared radiation in the long-wave C range. A reflector layer behind the heating coating ensures 100% radiation to the front (similar to the reflector in a headlight).

WMT infrared panels are very resistant - simply knocking over a panel or tripping over the cable will usually have no consequences. Due to the TÜV type test in combination with surface temperatures of max. 85°C, a panel can also be used in the close range of children without any problems - there is no risk of burns.

Our infrared panels can be used very individually. Due to the modular design, we can offer each customer exactly the control option that is best suited for the respective situation.